Argan Oil Asli Maroko

Argan Oil Asli Maroko

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Argan Oil – The Magic Moroccan Beauty Formula argan oil nutsUnderneath the dark and black veils that Moroccan women wear, is luscious, radiant and youthful skin; What do women from Morocco have that Western females don’ t? This is exactly what many are wondering when they meet native Moroccan women – they are very attractive and downright alluring, and if you’ ll investigate particularly about their beauty skin and hair care, you’ l discover that their secret is none other than Argan Oil. Moroccan Oil – The Breakthrough You may have never heard of Argan Oil ( also called Moroccan Oil) , but in Morocco, Argan oil benefits are very well known. This amazing oil was thought to be the beauty secret of most women of the Berber people, which is an indigenous ethnic group in Morocco. Berber women are known for their amazing beauty, youthful skin and glowing complexion and using Argan oil for skin care was one of their well-kept secrets untill recent years. It is also revealed that organic Argan oil was also used for hair and nail care. Argan oil / Moroccan oil treatments are most recommend by locals. But what Argan oil is exactly and where does it come from? Originally, the Berbers collected partially digested pits of the Argan nut from goat’ s waste. These were ground and pressed to make oil paste which was used for the treatment of many skin and hair conditions like eczema, scars, acne even chicken pox. Of course that modern manufacturing methods are now used which process the kernels or the pits of the Argan nuts to create pure Argan oil . The Argan tree was once abundant in North Africa is now found only in a small area in Morocco. This area close to the Atlas Mountains is where Moroccan Berbers still thrive to this day. UNESCO has designated the area between the Atlantic and Atlas Mountains as a reserve to protect the remaining Argan trees; this basically makes Argan oil very rare and very high quality indeed. Most Argan oil suppliers obtain their raw materials from local cooperatives and since Moroccan oil benefits are slowly being recognized all over the world, the demand is gradually increasing as well. Main Benefits of Argan Oil Argan oil has so many amazing benefits but little is known about it in the Western world. Here are some of its one-of-a-kind benefits: • Skin care – Argan oil is known to have natural anti-ageing properties; pure Argan oil is rich in freulic acids, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, sterols, saponins and polyphones that are ideal to make skin healthier look younger and feel softer. The organic oil is also high in vitamin E and anti-oxidants that are very important in keeping skin cells healthier and combat early signs of aging. Argan oil for skin is also known to be effective to treat acne, pimples and remove acne scars and blemishes. Regular use of Argan oil skin care products will also help remove scars, wrinkles, ugly stretch marks and even restore the natural health and beauty of your skin. • Hair care – Argan oil has moisturizing properties that can help revive dry and damaged hair. You may try Moroccan oil shampoo which is made of natural oils from the Argan nuts; this shampoo is known to treat hair and scalp conditions with also amazing restorative properties to hair follicles. It may also help men and women who are suffering from hair loss and thinning hair. • Nail care – Argan oil may be applied onto nails which can treat dry, brittle and cracking nails. Its moisturizing properties penetrate the nail bed giving your nails and hands a healthier and younger appearance. Needless to say that Argan oil is now out in the market with several suppliers selling different kinds of products for hair, skin and nail care. And if you want to use organic and natural products, you need to trust your supplier or retailer to make sure you are getting pure organic oil free from additives and preservatives. An Argan oil dilemma So now that the incredible secret is out, how do you get high quality organic Argan oil? As mentioned earlier, this oil is rare and only a few suppliers are selling pure Argan oil. Should you stock up on Argan nuts or travel to Morocco? Checking out retailers and manufacturers online, you will learn that there are so many sites that are taking advantage of people who are looking for Argan oil, and with the benefits of Argan oil out in the open, so are the many fake and very expensive imitations that are sold all around the world. You may have fears of buying online, since the risks of using a fake product may cost you your health; in every natural skin care use, careful research is still the best course of action to take. When looking for the best, high quality Argan oil, take care to check these out first: 1. The retailer/ manufacturer/ supplier’ s experience and possibly years of being in business. Find company information that will help you look for reviews and testimonials from consumers online. 2. Read the product’ s ingredient’ s list, it must contain only pure organic Argan oil and nothing more. 3. Look for ISO certification, which means that the oil was manufactured in a safe and clean process which has the highest standards anywhere. 4. Be wary of products which may be diluted Argan oil together with other less expensive oils. So are you ready to look like Moroccan women? With Argan oil as your special “ secret beauty regimen” , the future looks absolutely positive for all women. May all women be as beautiful as they want to be and have youthful and glowing hair and skin; and as they say in Morocco: “ Marhaban to youthful and glowing skin with amazing Argan oil! ” .
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